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Heresy.pro is soon launching a community streamers programme targeted towards potential Finnish streamers and content creators.

Interested in becoming a Heresy Streamer?

What’s in it for the streamers?

  • Visibility on Heresy.pro’s social media and website
  • Plugs on Heresy.pro’s Twitch channel
  • Ad revenue from Heresy.pro’s partners
  • Tips and help from Heresy.pro’s staff on growing your channel
  • Graphics, overlays, transitions, and other streaming elements to help make your channel more appealing to the viewers
  • Merch/products when you meet certain streaming goals

What do we require?

  • Making small changes to your channel, designed in collaboration with Heresy.pro’s graphical artists, so it is consistent with the Heresy.pro brand
  • Include Heresy.pro’s partners’ logos and/or ads (we will send you new guidelines once a month)
  • Share your channel statistics with Heresy.pro every month
  • Follow Heresy.pro’s code of conduct
  • You have to be 15 or older and an EU citizen

Who are you? A Finnish streamer who streams regularly, preferably with a schedule. You stream in Finnish and/or English. You have a good online conduct. You do not need to be big, but you have to have the potential and will to be big.

If you fulfill the criteria above and are interested in becoming a Heresy Streamer, please fill in the streamer application here.

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