Are you interested in affiliating your brand with esports? can do that for you. We offer your business the possibility of increasing brand recognition and loyalty within a select audience.

Target your audience via multiple pathways
We have a strong presence in a variety of media:

  • Twitch streams reach a repeat audience
  • Social media (Twitter & Instagram) reaches a wide esports crowd
  • Esports related events allow you to affiliate with tech- and gaming enthusiasts
  • CS:GO tournaments allow for great visibility of your brand, e.g. in our team jerseys
  • Our website

Partner with to strengthen your brand image
We enable your brand to establish a strong presence within esports with an unique angle

  • Repeat exposure to your brand and products
  • Increase brand recognition within esports
  • Tailored brand message via multiple channels

Our audience are looking for brand that fits their ideology
Our audience are mainly young males under the age of 25. They have a high involvement in our media production and follow our content devotedly.

Interested in partnering with us? Email us at and let’s see how we can help your brand!