Esports Services From Gamers signs NEVERKISSEDAGIRL signs NEVERKISSEDAGIRL. They showed great potential at Assembly Winter by taking the 4th position. The team is a mixture of young guns and old and wise. We can’t wait to see what we can achieve together. Games will start tomorrow with Telia esports series qualifiers 19 EET and you can watch it live at

The line-up is following:

Jesse “MJJ” Markkanen
Theo “Morkou” Orrainen
Jere “Jeqe” Aaltonen
Jero “Ste4-” Kuula
Juuso “pikkujoni” Lindström

2 Responses

  1. koutsi says:

    that’s a great lineup!

  2. Taavetti says:

    i thinq pikku_joni is potential all-star palyer… great decicion maker…

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