[06/04@1600] Gigantti CS:GO Cup – Open Qualifier #1

Heresy’s lineup will take part in the Gigantti CS:GO Cup Open Qualifier round 1 on Monday, April 6th. Starting at 1600 EEST you can tune in at twitch.tv/heresypro

Heresy.pro had to retake the first match due to using illegal skins. First match was played on Train and retake on Nuke.

Match against Reepeek on Nuke ended to 16-9 after losing the knife round.

The third game and the third nuke was a loss against Team Frosty.

Stream details
Time: 06/04/2020 16:00 EEST (13:00 GMT+0)
Watch at: twitch.tv/heresypro

Heresy.pro 16-3 LunacyCSGO
Heresy.pro 16-0 LunacyCSGO (retake)
Heresy.pro 16-9 Reepeek
Heresy.pro 8-16 Team Frosty

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